Technically Interesting is a podcast about local politics in Ottawa. Hosts Micheal Powell and Jonathan McLeod chat about the upcoming municipal election in October, talk to some guests about what’s happening around the city and make fun of each other, a bit.

Michael Powell is a community activist, radio host and writer. You can hear him Tuesday mornings on CKCU and read him on occasion in the Ottawa Citizen. He lives in the looming shadows of Lebreton Flats, and you can find him around various central neighbourhoods, working, organizing or hanging out with his kid. Also, he’s on Twitter–go ahead and troll @mbpowell.

Jonathan McLeod, local writer and municipal gadfly, is a columnist for the Ottawa Sun, blogger and regular panelist on 1310 News (tune in every Friday morning at 10:00, kids!). Residing in the Glebe–just steps from the canal (that’s the name of his blog; clever, right?)–you can find him…well…mostly on Twitter (@jonathanmcleod), trolling Mike.

The opening music is We Are Squirrels, And This Is Nuts by The Love Machine. Go buy it on Bandcamp.

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