Episode 7–Alta Vista

Moving from the outer- to the inner-suburbs, Mike has a chat with all four challengers–Clinton Cowan, Kevin Kit, Raylene Lang-Dion, Mike McHarg and John Redins–chatting about transit, affordable housing, public safety and life in one of the city’s oldest suburbs. All five are hoping to unseat one-term incumbent Jean Cloutier, who declined to speak with us.

Episode 6–Heron Gate

Jon and Mike are joined by Mumina Egal of the Heron Gate Tenants Coalition to talk about the Timbercreek evictions. We also talk about the mayoral race (can Clive Doucet really challenge the mayor?), weed coming to Ottawa (sometime, eventually, maybe), the ongoing hijinx of OC Transpo (everyone loving the route changes?) and, as usual, some good ideas that everyone should be talking about.

Episode 5–Innes

With no incumbent, the race in Innes Ward is wide open. There are four candidates–two who ran last time and two who worked for the last two councillors, so it should be quite the race. Also, the field is 75% women! Considering how bad city politics are at representation, that’s pretty noteworthy. So settle in and see what your Innes Ward candidates have to say.